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Qlight is an industry-leading provider of visual and audible status indicating systems and solutions that has been striving to accomplish its mission to enhance our customer’s work safety and efficiency since 1986.

In order to meet our customer’s growing needs from various industries, we came to serve more than 450 kinds of signaling products that can be applied to industries such as semiconductor, automotive, automation, steel, shipbuilding, marine, petrochemical, and so on. We are continuing to push the boundaries of signaling technology by developing total solutions for wireless signaling products and MP3 slot equipped signal alarms with user-defined sound sources.

Our strong dedication to innovative products, quality assurance, well-established supply chain, customizable manufacturing capability and strong customer relationships is realized through an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, a high-efficiency supply chain management (SCM) system, a cell based production system, and a flexible customer-centric production management system. Qlight’s products are certified by the IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, CCS, CE, UL which display our dedication to stringent quality control and product development based on safety-pursuing industry standards, and we are continuing our certified product line to sophisticated needs of our customers in every industry and region of the world.


Industrial LED Lights

Signal Tower Lights

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